S+C Online-Seminar

Optimizing the product life cycles of hydropower components by application of stainless steel castings

Presented by Dr. Shankar Venkataraman

Dr. Shankar Venkataraman is the Business Development Manager at Schmidt + Clemens Group (Lindlar, Germany).

He is a metallurgist and holds a doctorate from the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany. He has experience in the application engineering of heat resistant and corrosion resistant high alloy castings for various industrial applications and has authored more than 30 publications. Dr. Shankar Venkataraman is also a steering committee member with Stainless Steel World, Duplex World global conferences and is a professional member of NACE and AISTECH.

Better solutions for your hydropower plant!

Abstract of the online-seminar

Castings made of stainless steels have been successfully used as turbine components in the hydropower industry. High quality castings necessitates a strong knowledge of metallurgy and foundry practices.

The webinar shall be a deep dive into the world of cast stainless materials used for the various critical components such as runner blades, buckets, guide vanes used in impulse turbines like Pelton and reaction turbines like Francis and Kaplan.

This webinar aims to provide the audience with materials selection guidelines when it comes to selection of high alloy castings for hydropower applications.

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Wednesday, 02nd September 2020
at 10:00 am

Thursday, 03rd September 2020
at 02:00 pm

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