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Plant Support - Next Level

Schmidt + Clemens On-Site-Services supports you during your shutdown. In this field, S+C has gained worldwide experience by completing more than 200 projects in 30 countries. With our individual service packages, S+C offers the specific support needed during a planned plant shutdown or turnaround, in emergency cases or within a new plant construction project.

S+C is the leading supplier of tube systems in high-performance, high-alloyed materials for use in the petrochemical industry and for steel plants.

We are happy to provide our knowledge where it matters most -  in your plant.  

Shutdowns – The Challenges


Plant shutdowns are complex, technical and management endeavors. They not only create higher costs - shutdowns are extremely time sensitive.

We strive to optimize our activities within the shutdown, reducing planned downtime and avoiding delays.

Your challenge – our Solution as your reliable Partner!

Reliable performance
When you need us, we’re there.

Plant Support - Next Level

As a general contractor, S+C offers comprehensive carefree solutions.

Our experts offer advice all along the way, from the planning stage to setting up the construction site to starting up the plant and putting it back into operation - day and night from the very first second. S+C is there, we ensure that you'll only work with highly qualified professionals with worldwide working experience and unique skill sets, who always focus fully on the economical and safe installation in your plant.

In addition, S+C takes care of equipment, technology and planning down to the smallest detail. With our support, your plant is in safe, experienced and competent hands during every shutdown. We develop the best solution for every situation and strive toward one singular goal - to make your plant as efficient, economical and safe as possible.

However, we're not just available to you as a general contractor, we also offer our services individually.

Welding Support


Upon request, Schmidt and Clemens will gladly support you with a team of highly qualified and skilled welding technicians at your operating site.

Connecting the various components of your plant is a challenge that requires experience and knowledge - especially when integrating new parts and materials into a plant that has already been in operation for many years. It is important to provide the best solution for each individual situation - a job where you can rely on our experience.

S+C act as a

  • Manpower
  • Equipment provider (welding and machining) or
  • Procurer thereof (other technical site activities).

A typical example would be sending a Supervisor and a few welders.
No further responsibilities related to the shutdown.

Welding & Equipment Support


In addition to personnel, Schmidt + Clemens is also able to provide all machinery, tools and materials required on short notice.

As part of the project preparation, S+C ensures that all relevant work equipment is up to code and will supervise and provide support during all subsequent welding activities.

S+C is responsible for clearly defined / limited activities within the planned Site Activities and providing

  • Manpower
  • Equipment and
  • Procedures to perform them.

No further responsibilities related to the shutdown.

Manpower & Technical Support


To help you concentrate on your own business activities, S+C gladly accepts and takes over responsibility for your project, by managing all of the technical planning, acquiring all necessary approvals, as well as conducting quality control.

S+C is responsible for managing technical Site Activities and providing

  • Manpower
  • Equipment and
  • Procedures to perform them.

Technical Consultancy offered to the client increases with S+C’s responsibility within the shutdown.
No responsibilities for other support activities and no contract with other contractors, other than the main contractor and the client.


General Contractor Support


As the general contractor, Schmidt + Clemens takes over responsibility for all necessary activities during the entire shutdown -  from blinding to deblinding.

S+C offers an extensive scope from recruiting subcontractors, managing all on-site personnel, taking care of the required visas, accommodation, travel, catering as well as providing the required equipment on site.

When the work is completed, S+C will provide a turnkey project!

Single point of contact for the client.

S+C is responsible for the

  • entire scope of shutdown activities, their
  • management and coordination.

Also responsible for the procurement and management of all subcontractors, including their manpower and equipment.


Our project team is constantly in action


How economically and durably coils, harps, reformer tubes, manifolds and t-pieces perform depends on how well they are fitted into your plant. That is why the welding experts from S+C Installation Services are directly on site during this phase in order to coordinate and monitor the whole process.

Here, they play an active role in further developing the welders’ skills and choosing the best-qualified persons in each case for a specific job. As part of the work preparation process, they check all the relevant work equipment and subsequently supervise or support the welding work.

We have so far successfully handled over 200 projects in 30 countries in this way, and are especially proud of one achievement in particular: an accident-free work record.

Letter of Appreciation - June 2016

We employed Schmidt + Clemens in a supervisory capacity for replacement of our Primary Reformer outlet cones, primarily to assist us with the anticipated difficulties associated with making large, heavy-wall, Inconel welds from the new cones to the aged tee-pieces.

We initially utilised Schmidt + Clemens to assist us with developing the weld procedures and took their advice on board to refine the procedures such that they were commensurate with welding new to aged material (accounting for the potential for cracking of thermally embrittled aged material). We then employed a third party to carry out the welding itself and immediately ran into problems with cracking of the weld metal, highlighted by radiography of the root and hot pass.

The on-site Schmidt + Clemens welding supervisor helped us to develop a new welding sequence, within the confines of our weld procedure, in order to reduce thermal stresses generated during the welding process and thereby prevent cracking of the weld metal. The welding supervisor also helped us with weld setup, argon purging parameters, supervision of individual welder performance and welding programme, working whatever hours were necessary to complete the work.

Without the assistance of the Schmidt + Clemens supervisor and the technical backing of the wider Schmidt + Clemens site team, we would have really struggled to identify an appropriate way forward to ensure adequate weld quality. We have found Schmidt + Clemens to be extremely helpful and would not hesitate to use them again in future.

Tom Oates, Ammonia Area Engineer, CF Fertilisers UK Limited

Installation Services

Doing it new? Then do it right!

In view of increasing demand but falling personnel numbers, our experts are available to assist you, if desired, all the way from setting up the construction site through to recommissioning of the plant and so ensure that you always have sufficient qualified staff on hand.

To make sure your new plant works as efficiently as possible, we will already come on board before dismantling of the existing systems and so analyse the components to be replaced. Our material analyses in this early phase give you the opportunity to incorporate optimisations in terms of both materials and design into the new system.


Professional Training

Optimum welds are an important factor in trouble-free operation of your plant

All our on-the-job training activities are characterised by their direct practicality, enabling the course participants to put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice immediately.

Basic Training

Our Basic Training courses provide you with the knowledge needed for working with high-alloy special steels. The focus is on highly specialised welding techniques and the provision of training in special skills such as grinding, purging and peening.

  • Handling our products
  • Grinding
  • Purging
  • Welding
  • Peening
  • Beveling

Order related Training

Our Order-related Training programmes are geared to special, order-related welding activities and deal, for example, with space restrictions, geometries and material condition.

  • Job-related welding
  • Space restrictions
  • Geometries
  • Material condition
  • Job preparation

Installation Services

Installation Services - Flange Torqueing Device

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